Nomex® III A

Inherently flame resistant, Nomex® offers excellent strength and heat performance versus many other products on the market. It doesn’t melt, drip or support combustion in the air. A critical factor in the protection provided by Nomex® is its ability to carbonize and thicken when exposed to intense heat. This typical reaction increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer’s skin and minimizes burn injury. As the protection is engineered into the molecular structure of the Nomex® fiber, the heat and flame resistance will last the lifetime of the garment – the protection cannot be washed out or worn away.
Weight 275 gr/sqm.

SFI 3.2A/5 Certified

SFI is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standers for the quality assurance of racing equipment.

The driver suit specification 3.2A tests the garment’s fire retardant abilities. The specification contains a rating system that bases on the garment’s capability to provide Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) in the presence of both direct flame and radiant heat. The purpose of the TPP is to measure the length of time the person wearing the garment can be exposed to a heat source before incurring a second degree, or skin blistering, burn.

SFI 3.2A/5 is 19 TPP Value and takes 10 seconds to 2nd Degree Burn.

Pre-Shaped Body

Race suit patterning is ergonomically engineered in the pre-shaped driving position. Anatomically correct pre-shaped body create less bulk, increase freedom on movement and agility. Pre-shape body pattern and design along with pre-shaped sleeves, pre-shaped legs, and back gusset benefits reducing driver’s fatigue.

Shoulder Epaulets

The epaulets on race suit features a double-stitched and reinforced handle style helps reducing pressure points. The handle styling accommodates to extract the driver from the vehicle in case of an emergency event.

Back Gusset

An elasticated layered back gusset adds unparalleled strength, flexibility and allows full movement while controlling in the seated position. It makes the race suit comfortable, compatible with the riding position, flexible for the free movements and to reduce driver’s fatigue.

Stretch Panels

Fire retardant Elastic knit fabric at Arms (elbow), Sides and Crotch area for the riding comfort and movement. It make suit comfortable, compatible with the riding position and flexible for the free movements stretch panels added on specific locations to reduce driver’s fatigue.

360 Radial Arms

360-degree shoulder gusset for a full-floating sleeve for maximum comfort and ease of motion. With shoulder gusset, you will have unrestricted movement, ensures minimal material resistance especially in the repetitive forward/backward driving position.

Adjustable Collar and Waist

Soft collar with knit fabric and Velcro® for adjustable, secure, and comfortable closure. Infinite belt adjustment and comfort is possible with our Velcro® closure at belt.

One Piece or Two Piece

We are offering both one and two piece suits for auto racers. One piece as the name says is full body suit in one part from toe to collar provides ultimate safety and safety, while in the two-piece suit jacket, and pant is separate to offer you the protection, and style.


A standard on all race suits two-layers or three-layers to make the thick padded material and is available in either a box or diamond pattern. The purpose of quilting is to improve air circulation and transfer heat at a slower rate with less force and energy. The air pockets formed between the quilting and the multiple layers contribute valuable thermal barriers and delay heat from being transferred to the body. It also adds the beauty and design of the finished quilt.

Boot & Cuff Closure

You can opt from the Ribbed or Restraints boots and cuff closure. It provides a snug fit and helps prevent unwanted movement of the suit. Pant cuff is gathered at the bottom with a ribbed cuff that tucks into the shoe.


All our race suits are made to order, and you can choose a multitude of colors to match your choice, style, and race team.

Ultra-shiny Finest Breathable Nomex is available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Shiny Silver, White, Blue, and Black.

Finest Breathable Nomex is available Florescent Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Green.

Custom Design

Specialized services that give you access to a new level and gives you full freedom to design your race suit. That can be completely customized to create a unique, hand-crafted garment.

You are free to send your own design or idea, our team provides assistance, details, and recommendations on every step to ensure safety, fit, and design.

Custom Size

Everybody has a unique body proportion; sometimes standard size fits you but not comfortable for a day long ride. Our custom size (made to measure) race suit maximize comfort and safety which will empower you to be fast and be safe.

For custom size, complete body measurements are taken in accordance to the riding style and position that will allow the suit to fit together as a second skin.

Branding Logo

You have sponsors and want to show their advertisement and affiliation on your suit. We are offering you FREE unlimited Printing* or Embroidery** for Custom Suit Pro and Custom Suit Enthusiast that gives you a great aesthetic and professional look.

*Special Ink is used to Print logos that also helps maintain suit’s material integrity and reduce weight.
**For embroidery particular fire retardant thread is used.

Inset Front Pockets (Optional)

  • Left inside pocket
  • Side pant pockets
  • Receivers pocket

Arm Restraint (Optional)

The arm restraint is integrated into the driving suit sleeve for open-wheel and drag racing applications. The built-in arm restraint features all the required hardware and is manufacturer’s certified to SFI’s 3.3 specification.

Stitching & Thread

The Nomex thread is used for the sewing all the panels the auto racing suits together. It gives resistance against heat and flame. It also a brilliant resistant against abrasions and keep its characteristics after laundering and dry clean.

Top Grain Leather

Right from selection of skin to finished leather, strict quality standards followed to produce thicker, stronger, soft and comparatively flexible leather and we name it PROTECTIVE LEATHER. It offers excellent abrasion, tear, and cut resistance. The leather is protective as per European Standards of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and also environmentally friendly.

Flame-Resistant Cotton

Flame-resistant (FR) cotton is intended to resist ignition, prevent the spread of flames away from the immediate area of high heat impingement, and to self-extinguish almost immediately upon removal of the ignition source. FR Cotton has not inherited fire retardant properties; Chemical additive in the fiber or treatment on the fiber is used to provide fire retardancy. During a fire, FR cotton relies on a chemical reaction to extinguish the flame.


  • Flame Resistance
  • Liquid Resistance
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Inexpensive